When What Who
December, January defining teams, defining roles of team members, explaining the task and subtasks, task split each group
February creating a scene in Factory I/O (one scene per team) each group
March setting up a PLC in Factory I/O and programing the PLC each group
communicating the dimensions and interfaces with other groups, specially the conveyor belt group students from different groups
connection of real world sensors and actuators to PLC each group
April final testing, preparing a presentation each group
May 15th to 17th : Symposium presentation of results of separate task each group
implementation of subtasks to common task in virtual and real environment all groups
presentation of common task and assessment of results and lessons learned representatives of each group


(for mentors)
When What Who
end of February Is the scene created? each mentor
March Is the PLC set up and programmed? each mentor
Are the dimensions of a real world conveyor belt known? Are the holders for sensors and actuators defined, are the tasks between teams defined (for example where and how sensors and motor will be mounted, by whom, dimensions)? mentors of all groups check the functionality and predict the problems on a common meeting
Are sensors and actuators connected to PLC and their functionality tested? each mentor
April Is a presentation prepared? each mentor